Anthropology / Sociology 8: Research Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Prerequisite: SOCIO1 with a grade of C or better, or P
Surveys research traditions and processes in the social and behavioral sciences. The course addresses: epistemological traditions, research conceptualization, research design, research process, measures, sampling, data collection and analysis, reporting traditions, ethics, as well as implications for theory and public policy. While the primary focus is on Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, there will be a secondary focus on the disciplines of Biology, Demography, History, Political Science, and Public Health. Credit may be earned for only one of the following: ANTHR 8 or SOCIO 8.
Transfer: UC/CSU. CSU-GE DO; IGETC 4J; C-ID: SOCI 120

Anthropology / Sociology 8: Syllabus

Anthropology / Sociology 8: Exam Questions



Articles for Research Methods


Campbell's Law (

Debate Rages On Even As Research Ban On Gun Violence Ends By Julie Rovner (NPR)

Ethics of Medical Research with Animals (The Hastings Center)

Girls Lead in Science Exam, but Not in the United States By Hannah Fairfield

In Polls We Trust By Robert Wuthnow (First Things)

Searching for Sex By Seth Stephens-Davidowitz (The New York Times)

Statistical Literacy

Twitter Can Predict Rates of Coronary Heart Disease, According to Penn Research By Evan Lerner (PennNews)