History 17: United States: 1877 to Present

Survey of the history of the United States from the end of Reconstruction to the present era. Course includes examinations of Reconstruction, Western Conquest, Federalism, Industrialization and Post-Industrialization, Urbanization, Foreign Relations, Social Movements, Major Wars, the Great Depression, Major Political and Institutional Developments, and Globalization. This course will also examine U.S. citizens’ rights and obligations, with special attention given to the experiences of historically disadvantaged groups in the U.S. Political and historical developments particular to California and in relation to the federal government will be highlighted. HIST 17, taken in conjunction with POLSC 10,satisfies Associate Degree and CSU requirements in United States History, Constitution, and American Ideals. Completion of Hist 16 and/or Hist 17 in combination with MJC HIST 101 or HIST 102 will not fulfill the requirement for CSU graduation.

Transfer: UC/CSU. IGETC 4F; CSU-GE D6

HIstory 17: Syllabus (MW)

History 17: Exam Questions (MW)

History 17: Syllabus (TTH)

History 17: Exam Questions (TTH)



Articles for History 17


All Politicians Lie. Some Lie More Than Others. By Angie Drobnic Holan (The New York Times)

America Keeps People Poor On Purpose: A Timeline of Choices We've Made to Increase Inequality (Yes! Magazine)

American Poverty - A project of In Our Own Backyard, an organization of photojournalists committed to poverty alleviation in the United States

American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins By Kristine Shevory (Wired)

Americans And Their Discontent: A Timeline of Government Mistrust (NPR)

Americans on the Move By Drew Desilver (PEW Research)

Corporate Profits Grow and Wages Slide By Floyd Norris (The New York Times)

Counties Blue and Red, Moving Right and Left (The New York Times)

Do We Need A New Documerica? By Claire O'Neill (NPR)

Enjoying the Low Life? By Nicholas Kristof (The New York Times)

Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It By Benyamin Appelbaum and Robert Gebeloff (The New York Times)

Everything That’s Happened Since Supreme Court Ruled on Voting Rights Act (ProPublica)

15 Companies That Paid Zero Income Tax Last Year (Despite $23 Billion In Profits) By Ben Schiller (Co.Exist)

50 Years Into the War on Poverty, Hardship Hits Back By Trip Gabriel (The New York Times)

Government Shows Growth, After Years of Shrinking By Floyd Norris (The New York Times)

History of Lynchings in the South Documents Nearly 4,000 Names By Campbell Robertson (The New York Times)

History of Poverty and Homelessness in NYC

How Big Were Tuesday’s Republican Swings? (The New York Times)

How the West Overcounts Its Water Supplies By Abrahm Lustgarten (The New York Times)

Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement

Immigration Explorer (The New York Times)

Inequality, Unbelievably, Gets Worse By Steven Rattner (The New York Times)

Mapping Out The Revolving Door Between Gov't And Big Business In Venn Diagrams (TechDirt)

Moving Photographs of Japanese American Internees, Then and Now Photographs By Paul Kitagaki Jr. (Mother Jones)

Museum of the City of New York - Collections Portal (Use the search function [advanced searches by criteria]).

Over the Decades, How States Have Shifted (The New York Times)

Scholar's Lab - University of Virginia Library

Secret Money Fueling a Flood of Political Ads By Nicholas Confessore (The New York Times)

Smaller States Find Outsize Clout Growing in Senate By Adam Liptak (The New York Times)

Stanford Center for the Study of Inequality and Poverty

The Case for a Higher Minimum Wage By The New York Times Editorial Board (The New York Times)

The Little Rock Nine: How Far Has the Country Come? By Noah Gordon (The Atlantic)

The Luckiest Nut in the World (YouTube)

The New World By Frank Jacobs and Parag Khanna (The New York Times)

The Politics of Income Inequality By Eduardo Porter (The New York Times)

The Rise of American Authoritarianism By Amanda Taub (Vox)

The U.S. National Archives' Photostream

Total Taxes on Wages Are Rising By Floyd Norris (The New York Times)

Trove of Information From the 1930s, Animated by the Internet By Jennifer Schuessler (The New York Times)

When Racism was a Science By Joshua A. Krisch (The New York Times)

Which President Cut the Most Nukes? By William J. Broad (The New York Times)

Why Study History? - University of Wisconsin-Madison

With Mother at the Factory...Oregon's Child Care Challenges (An Oregon State Archives Exhibit)