History / Philosophy 5: Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science

An introduction to the ideas, processes and consequences of science through history. The historical development of philosophies of science will be central throughout. Critical reasoning and extensive writing will be required. Contextual cultural analysis is expected. Credit may be earned for only one of the following: HIST 5 or PHILO 5.

Prerequisite: ENGL 1A with a grade of C or better, or P

Transfer: UC/CSU. IGETC 1B, 3B; CSU-GE A3, C2

History/Philosophy 5: Syllabus

History/Philosophy 5: Exam Questions



Articles for History and Philosophy of Science


Cosmos as Masterpiece: In 'Cosmigraphics,' Our Changing Pictures of Space Through Time By Michael Benson (The New York Times)

Digital Humanities at Stanford

Digital Humanities Now

Girls Lead in Science Exam, but Not in the United States By Hannah Fairfield

Global Warming Not Slowing - It 's Speeding Up By James Wight (Skeptical Science)

Greek Mythology: Genealogy of the Gods

Humanity's cultural history captured in 5-minute film By Alison Abbott (Nature)

Humboldt's Way: Pioneer of Modern Geography By Loren McIntyre (National Geographic)

Mapping the Republic of Letters (Stanford)

Scholar's Lab - University of Virginia Library

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy