Ted Hamilton's Courses


Amy Alonzo Rozak/Union Democrat

GEOGR 12: Cultural Geography
This course examines humankind's relationship with the environment using multidisciplinary perspectives and techniques.  Historical and contemporary patterns of cultural-enviro adaptations, the landscape of cultural diversity, demography and mobility, political organization, the process of urbanization, and economic organization will be emphasized. (UC/CSU)

GEOGR 15: Physical Geography
An introduction to selected aspects of the earth's physical environment (landforms, weather, climate, soils, and vegetation) and the processes and conditions giving rise to their worldwide distribution.  The study of the earth as the home of man (UC/CSU)


HIST 5: Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science
An introduction to the ideas, processes, and consequences of science through history.  The historical development of philosophies of science will be central throughout.  Critical reasoning and extensive writing will be required.  Contextual cultural analysis is expected.  Credit may be earned for only one of the following:  HIST 5 or PHILO 5 (UC/CSU)

HIST 16: United States: to 1877
Survey of the history of the United States from pre-European settlement to the end of Reconstruction.  Important topics include:  the Art and Science of History, pre-European civilizations, Colonization and Society, the War for Independence, Constitutional Development and Federalism, American Leadership, Westward Expansion, Industrialization and Economic Transformation, Urbanization, Sectional Conflicts and the Impending Crisis, Slavery and experiences of historically disadvantaged groups in the United States, relative to their geographic, economic, political and social contexts.  Political and historical developments particular to California and in relation to the federal government will be highlighted.  HIST. 16, taken in conjunction with POLSC 10, satisfies Associate Degree and CSU requirements in United States History, Constitution, and American Ideals. (UC/CSU)

HIST 17: United States: 1877 to Present
Survey of history of the United States from the end of Reconstruction to the present era.  Course includes examinations of Reconstruction, Western Conquest, Federalism, Industrialization and Post-Industrialization, Urbanization.  Foreign Relations, Social Movements, Major Wars, the Great Depression, Major Political and Institutional Developments, and Globalization.  This course will also examine U.S. citizens' rights and obligations, with special attention given in the U.S. Political and historical development particular to California and in relation to the federal government will be highlighted.   HIST. 17, taken in conjunction with POLSC10, satisfies Associate Degree and CSU requirements in United States History, Constitution, and American Ideals. (UC/CSU)


POLSC 10: Constitutional Government
A survey course in the political system of the United States from its inception to the end of the eighteenth century until the present time.  Primary focus will be the Constitution, its ideological underpinnings, uses and limitations.  Class will also cover the two party system, the process of justice, the specific mechanisms of legislature, and the governmental power at the nationals, state, and local levels.  The interests and rights of all historically under represented groups will be included in the analysis of the power structure.  (UC/CSU) (With HIST 16 or HIST 17 meets the California State requirement in United States History, Constitution and American Ideals.)

POLSC 12: American Political Thought
Historical survey of major American political ideas, political processes, ideals and aspirations. The origins, evolution, and current directions of American political thought will be examined through specific American values and beliefs. The course will introduce the major political ideologies, their origins, and the implications and consequences of those in American history.  (UC/CSU)

POLSC 14: International Relations
Introduction to the principles and practices of international politics, emphasizing problems of war and peace, foreign policies of major powers, problems of developing countries, and global problems. Emphasis placed upon the formulation and execution of American foreign policy within a constitutional and political framework. The dynamics of interstate relations, diplomacy, international law, non-state actors and supra-national organizations will be emphasized. (UC/CSU)