We are Dr. Paula Clarke and Warren "Ted" Hamilton, two community college professors who have developed a teaching philosophy and pedagogy designed to challenge rather than accommodate common student problems in higher education.

Our teaching philosophy is premised upon the provision of a High Demand x High Support environment designed to foster the development of critical collegiate competencies. The following assumptions are central to an understanding of the goals of our courses and the function of higher education in contemporary society:

There is a fundamental difference between a "student" and a "fee-paying individual"

Higher education should be an environment where individuals may acquire collegiate competencies that foster student identities.  

Higher education should provide an environment that cultivates meaningful frustration accompanied by the support and opportunities to confront that frustration in such ways that encourage intellectual and psychological development, as well as moral and ethical reasoning.

This website is intended to be a companion to our in-progress book. If you have questions about our teaching philosophy or pedagogy, the courses we teach, or any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting our site!