Former Students

Columbia and Beyond...

Our students defy normative expectations of community college students not only by transferring, but by performing exceptionally well when they do transfer, and often transferring to prestigious universities. Such outcomes are of particular interest, given that the majority of individuals who enter our courses come with a limited understanding of academic institutions along with low academic and professional aspirations. Many of these individuals do not intend to transfer to a university, are significantly under-prepared for transfer-level work, and those who do demonstrate an interest in transferring often lack the institutional knowledge and competencies necessary to do so.
In the context of these conditions, our High Demand x High Support environment provides students with the opportunity to “learn how to learn.” Importantly, as illustrated by all of our successful students, such an environment requires a reciprocal relationship between teacher(s) and student(s). It is our job as educators to create the environment in which meaningful intellectual engagement can occur. It is up to the student to bring an inquisitive mind, discipline, and commitment if intellectual and developmental transformations are to take place. The students represented here are paragons of such characteristics.

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